Jagalah ALLAH, ALLAH pasti akan menjagamu

"Sampai satu saat, kamu lelah dengan tujuan hidup bila kamu agungkan cinta selain cinta DIA"

A note for you...

Dear Amy...

We learn to forgive and realize our value.
The people who choose to leave us are the ones who were never meant to stay
If someone has done something unfair towards you,
realize they've meant it to break you.
The beauty of it is God will turn it around and make it for your own good.

A lot of people settle for partners who aren't really right for them. 
They can have so much better but they stay with someone so they don't feel alone. 
Wouldn't you rather be happy alone than miserable with somebody else? 
It's silly to try and fix a relationship that's simply not holding together. 
No one can make us feel complete but they can make us better.


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