Jagalah ALLAH, ALLAH pasti akan menjagamu

"Sampai satu saat, kamu lelah dengan tujuan hidup bila kamu agungkan cinta selain cinta DIA"

Fix it (part 2)

After a long time separation...

Him: How are you? (You still look beautiful)

Her: I'm fine! (I died each day missing you)

Him: I bet somebody already won your heart. (I'm so stupid for hurting you)

Her: Yup! (It's still you)

Him: That's good to hear. (Wow. He's one lucky man for having you)

Her: :) (I've been forcing myself for move on for you to be happy)


Him: So, see you around next time? (*sigh* I hope we'll be together again)

Her: Sure. Take care! (Till next time, my love. I hope we'll be together again)


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