Jagalah ALLAH, ALLAH pasti akan menjagamu

"Sampai satu saat, kamu lelah dengan tujuan hidup bila kamu agungkan cinta selain cinta DIA"

the old you..

I miss the old you
The old you wherein
you're super sweet!
You don't make me wait for too long
You make me feel that I'm really really important to you
You prioritize me instead of your games
You're sincere and honest 

We may not talk everyday 
but you're one of the people who always come into my mind every time i feel sad.
I don't know why.
Maybe because I know you can cheer me up? ^ ^
But I never had the guts to tell you that I need you.
I don't know.
Maybe because we're not that close

Sometime later I have to send you away
But i don't have the confidence to do that

You found the place that I was alone at..
Now you're gonna go back
I knew it was going to happen
But why does my heart hurt?

Now you're gonna go back to your place
because you found the love you wanted
I have to send you, a happy person
away with a smile.

It can't be, it's not possible
That's what I told myself 
There's no way that I'm in love with you
It's just jealousy
I must be lonely 
I tried fooling myself
But now I can't hide it anymore

I think I love you
It must be true
Cause I miss you
When you're not around
I can't do anything
I keep thinking about you
Seeing how thing are..I know
I'm falling for you
I didn't realize it 
Now i need you
All of the time

I now understand that
Some how you've already grown deep
in my heart
They say we're not suited for each other
that its better for us to just be friends

From one to ten
we can never agree on anything
How can we be in a relationship?