Jagalah ALLAH, ALLAH pasti akan menjagamu

"Sampai satu saat, kamu lelah dengan tujuan hidup bila kamu agungkan cinta selain cinta DIA"

This is me ~

I’m the kind of girl who is quiet in large groups or around people I don’t know; 
you only see the real me if we’re close.  
I smile and laugh a lot, especially at the most inappropriate times.  
I hate telling people about my problems; 
they don’t need to worry about me.  
I’m the one who listens to other people’s problems (sometimes..or..only certain people maybe? :p)
I believe people should not be judged before one takes the time to get to know them, 
yet I am guilty of doing that exact thing.  
I love to think rather than talk.  
I’m shy, strange,clumsy… but this is me.  
Take it or leave it.


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