Jagalah ALLAH, ALLAH pasti akan menjagamu

"Sampai satu saat, kamu lelah dengan tujuan hidup bila kamu agungkan cinta selain cinta DIA"

My wish..

This is for you. Because, I know, you read.
It is now 1433H. I love changes. And I wanna change.
I apologize with my whole heart. 
I miss our last conversation. Our laugh. Our friendship. Our closeness.
If i’m the one who made mistake, i’m sorry. If you feel guilty, dont worry, I will not take it into my heart. 
No matter how it does hurt, no matter how long the scars remain.
I just play my role whenever someone need me. Anybody. Everybody. Including you. 
This is my hope. I want it to be as before.
I am not perfect.
Do take care..


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